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free "NO-shout parenting" challenge

Here's the deal...for three days you cannot shout at your child in a punitive (intended as punishment) way

Does the thought of not being able to shout at your child make you feel scared, hopeless or even powerless? Wondering what in the world you are supposed to do to get them to listen? Do you feel sweat beads forming on your forehead? Does it make you want to scream Oh Lord! Are you saying "God help me?!"

We are living in unprecedented times right now, you've suddenly become homeschool teacher, cafeteria lady, work from home mama, and to top it off- your kids are not listening! What's worse is, you are in active social distancing so you're stuck (safe) at home with them. This covid19 season, there's no need to go crazy. Learn the right parenting strategies to maintain your sanity. Even though the whole world is in chaos, your home can feel peaceful. Unfortunately "God help me" is not a parenting strategy. It's a cry for help. But let me tell you what is a strategy, affirming "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!" Are you up for the challenge? You can totally do this!

During this free challenge, I will deliver to your inbox daily, tools that will help you

  • Discover why you shout at your children
  • Understand why shouting doesn't work
  • Learn what to do instead

At the end of this challenge you will feel

  • Confident because you know exactly what not to do
  • Empowered with the right tools to take the next step
  • Committed to no-shout parenting
  • Hopeful you can sustain this new lifestyle

This challenge is perfect for you if

  • You're sick and tired of SHOUTING and arguing.
  • Using punishments that don't work leave you feeling guilty, frustrasted and depleted.
  • You desperately want to improve your parenting skills.

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